print view layout

The central area displays the image layout on the paper (the white area). Some gray borders may be displayed around the image to represent the printable area (the page minus the borders) not filled by the image.

The filmstrip below the image allows you to select more images.


When the mouse is over the bounding box of an image, its width and height are shown along its top and left, respectively. Margins between the bounding box and the page edge are notated next to the dotted lines extending out from each side of the bounding box. All measurements are shown in the units as chosen in the print settings module.

Images are inset along one dimension of their bounding box when they do not match the aspect ratio of the box. The overlaid margin measurements should therefore only be used to understand the layout bounds, not the actual printed size of the image.

🔗left panel

Filter the list of images displayed in the lighttable.
image information
Display image information

🔗right panel

print settings
Adjust print settings and initiate printing.