The darktable-generate-cache binary updates darktable’s thumbnail cache. Invoke this program to generate all missing thumbnails in the background when your computer is idle.

darktable-generate-cache can be called with the following command line parameters:

              [-h, --help]
              [--min-mip <0-8>] [-m, --max-mip <0-8>]
              [--min-imgid <N>] [--max-imgid <N>]
              [--core <darktable options>]

All parameters are optional. If started without parameters darktable-generate-cache uses reasonable defaults.

-h, --help
Display usage information and terminate.
Display copyright and version information and terminate.
--min-mip <0-8>, -m, --max-mip <0-8>
darktable can store thumbnails with up to eight different resolution steps for each image. These parameters define the maximum resolution to be generated (defaults to a range of 0-2). There is normally no need to generate all possible resolutions here – missing ones will be automatically generated by darktable the moment they are needed. When asked to generate multiple resolutions at once, the lower-resolution images are quickly downsampled from the highest-resolution image.
--min-imgid <N>, --max-imgid <N>
Specifies the range of internal image IDs from the database to work on. If no range is given, darktable-generate-cache will process all images.
--core <darktable options>
All command line parameters following --core are passed to the darktable core and handled as standard parameters. See the darktable binary section for a detailed description.