zoomable lighttable

The zoomable lighttable mode provides an alternative way to navigate large collections of images, but with some similarities to the filemanager mode (described below).


Scroll with the mouse wheel to zoom in and out of the lighttable (compared to Ctrl+scroll in filemanager mode).
Zooming the thumbnails does not change the number of thumbnails per row, so the lighttable can exceed the visible area on all sides.
Hold down the left mouse button and drag to move the lighttable around and navigate through your collection.
As with the filemanager mode, you can select the image under the pointer by clicking on its thumbnail or by pressing Enter. A range of images can be selected by clicking on the first image and then Shift+clicking on the last one. Images can be added to or removed from a selection by Ctrl+clicking on their thumbnails or by pressing Spacebar.

Hint: you may find that image thumbnails are slow to load when zooming quickly through a large collection. One way to speed up the navigation is to generate a cache containing all the thumbnails using the darktable-generate-cache command.