top panel

The top panel is common to all darktable views and provides access to a number of common functions.


🔗On the left-hand-side

Choose which images to view in the lighttable/filmstrip, based on star rating and reject status.
sort by
Choose a property by which to sort the images.
top-panel_sort-order icon sort order
Switch the sort order (ascending / descending).

🔗On the right-hand-side

top panel_grouping icon grouping
Expand or collapse grouped images.
top panel_overlays icon thumbnail overlays
Define what information is overlaid on to thumbnails in the lighttable/filmstrip.
You can define different settings depending on the thumbnail size. See preferences > lighttable for details of how size delimiters are set.
top panel_help icon context-sensitive help
Click this icon and then click on a control element to be directed to the appropriate online help page.
top panel shortcut mapping icon shortcut mapping
Click this icon to enter the visual shortcut mapping mode to create keyboard/mouse shortcuts.
top panel_preferences icon preferences
View and amend darktable’s preferences & settings.