The darktable-chart binary is a dedicated utility to create styles out of pairs of images such as RAW+JPEG with in-camera processing. Details about its usage can be found in the using darktable-chart section.

darktable-chart can either start a GUI or be used as a command-line program.

              [<input Lab pfm file>]
              [<cht file>]
              [<reference cgats/it8 or Lab pfm file>]

All parameters are optional, however, if you want to supply the second file name you also need to supply the first one. Starting darktable-chart this way opens a special GUI (details can be found in the using darktable-chart section).

Provide usage information and terminate.
<input Lab pfm file>
Open the utility with the given file as source image. The input file needs to be in Lab Portable Float Map format.
<cht file>
Specify a chart file describing the layout of the used color reference chart.
<reference cgats/it8 or Lab pfm file>
Specify the reference values, either as measured values according to the CGATS standard, or as a reference image in Lab Portable Float Map format.

Alternatively darktable-chart can be used as a command line program to generate darktable style files using previously saved CSV files.

              <csv file>
              <number patches>
              <output dtstyle file>

All parameters are mandatory.

<csv file>
A CSV file previously saved from within darktable-chart.
<number of patches>
The number of color patches to be used in the color look up table settings of the created style.
<output dtstyle file>
The name of the style file to be created.