multi_os.lua - an example script that runs on linux, MacOS, and Windows.


multi_os is an example of how to write a script that will run on different operating systems. It uses the lua-scripts libraries to lessen the amount of code that needs to be written, as well as gaining access to tested cross-platform routines. This script also performs a function that some may find useful. It creates a button in the lighttable selected images module that extracts the embedded jpeg image from a raw file, then imports it and groups it with the raw file. A keyboard shortcut is also created. A key combination can be assigned to the shortcut in the lua preferences and then the action can be invoked by hovering over the image and pressing the key combination.


  • start this script from script manager
  • start darktable, open prefreences, go to lua options and update the executable location if you are running Windows or MacOS, then restart darktable.
  • select an image or images
  • click the button to extract the jpeg

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