quicktag.lua - add shortcuts to speed up tagging


For faster attaching your favorite tags, the script adds shortcuts and the module “quicktag” in lighttable mode with a changeable number of buttons. A tag can be assigned to each button. If the tags do not exist in your database, they are added to the database the first time they are attached to an image.

The number of buttons/shortcuts can be changed in the lua preferences. Changes in the number require a restart of darktable.


  • set the number of quicktags between 2 and 10 in the preferences dialog and restart darktable
  • if wanted set the shortcuts in the preferences dialog
  • to add or change a quicktag, first select the old tag with the combobox “old quicktag”, enter a new tag in the “new quicktag” filed and press “set quicktag”
  • use a shortcut or button to attach the tag to selected images

🔗Additional Software Required



Christian Kanzian