print a log message


local log = require "lib/log"
log.msg(level, ...)

level - table - the type of message, one of:

  • log.debug - debugging messages
  • - informational messages
  • log.warn - warning messages
  • log.error - error messages
  • log.success - success messages
  • log.always - an internal message for debugging
  • log.screen - output 1 line of text to the screen
  • log.critical - print a critical message to the console

- string(s) - the message to print, which could be a comma separated set of strings


msg checks the level to see if it is enabled, then prints the level type and message if it is. Messages are output using the engine configured in each log level.


If you use log.msg in a callback, the name of the calling routine can’t be determined. A solution is to include some means of reference such as the name of the callback as an argument, i.e.

log.msg(log.debug, "libPlugin.format_combobox:", "value is " .. self.value)

which would result in

DEBUG: callback: libPlugin.format_combobox: value is JPEG