This section must be activated separately by calling require darktable.debug


  object : anything,
  [name : string],
  [known : table]
) : string

This will return a string describing everything Lua knows about an object, used to know what an object is. This function is recursion-safe and can be used to dump _G if needed.

  • object - anything - The object to dump.
  • [name] - string - A name to use for the object.
  • [known] - table - A table of object,string pairs. Any object in that table will not be dumped, the string will be printed instead. defaults to darktable.debug.known if not set
  • return - string - A string containing a text description of the object - can be very long.



Initialized to false; set it to true to also dump information about metatables.



Initialized to 10; The maximum depth to recursively dump content.



A table containing the default value of darktable.debug.dump.known


  object : anything
) : string

Similar to the system function type() but it will return the real type instead of userdata for darktable specific objects.

  • object - anything - The object whose type must be reported.
  • return - string - A string describing the type of the object.