LabelsToTags.lua - mass apply tags to images


Allows the mass-application of tags using color labels and ratings as a guide.


In your ’luarc’ file or elsewhere, use the function ‘register_tag_mapping’, defined in this module, to specify one or more tag mappings for use by the module. Any mappings so registered will be selectable, according to their given names, in the module’s “mapping” combo box.

A mapping takes the form of a table mapping patterns to lists of tags. A pattern consists of 6 characters, of which the first five represent color labels and the last the rating. Each color label character may be ‘+’, ‘-’, or ‘’, indicating that for this pattern to match, the corresponding color label, respectively, must be on, must be off, or can be either. Similarly, the rating character may be a numeral between 0 and 5, “R” for rejected, or “” for “any value.”

An example call to ‘register_tag_mapping’ is provided in a comment at the end of this file.

When the “Start” button is pressed, the module will iterate over each selected image and check the state of that image’s color labels and rating against each pattern defined in the selected mapping. For each pattern that matches, the corresponding tags will be added to the image. Any such tag not already existing in the database will be created.

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