check the minimum required application programming interface (API) version against the current API version


local du = require "lib/dtutils"
local result = du.check_min_api_version(min_api, script_name)

min_api - string - the API version that the application was written for (example: “5.0.0”)
script_name - string - the name of the script


check_min_api_version compares the minimum API required for the application to run against the current API version. The minimum API version is typically the API version that was current when the application was created. If the minimum API version is not met, then an error message is printed saying the script_name failed to load, then an error is thrown causing the program to stop executing.

This function is intended to replace darktable.configuration.check_version(). The application code won’t have to be updated each time the API changes because this only checks the minimum version required.


result - boolean - true if the minimum API version is available, false if not.


When using the default handler on a script being executed from the luarc file, the error thrown will stop the luarc file from executing any remaining statements. This limitation does not apply to script_manger.



does nothing if the API is greater than or equal to 5.0.0 otherwise an error message is printed and an error is thrown stopping execution of the script.