common darktable lua file functions


local df = require "lib/dtutils.file"


The dtutils.file library provides common file manipulation functions used in constructing darktable lua scripts


df - library - the file functions



check if an executable exists


check if a file or path exist


remove a filetype from a filename


create a unique filename from the supplied argment


create a widget to get executable path preferences


copy a file to another name/location


move a file from one directory to another


add a two digit increment to a filename


get the filename without the path or extension


return the path to an executable from a preference


get the filename and extension from a file path


get the filetype from a filename


get the path from a file path


create the directory(ies) if they do not already exists


recursively remove a directory


make a filename safe to pass as an argument


set a preference for the path to an executable


split a filepath into parts


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