module order

Change the order of the processing modules in the darkroom using presets.

When processing an image, the active modules are applied in a specific order, which is shown in the right-hand panel of the darkroom view. This module provides information about the current ordering of the processing modules in the pixelpipe. The single parameter “current order” can take on the following values:

This is the default module order for scene-referred workflow.
This module order is used for the legacy display-referred workflow. You will also see this order displayed for any images you previously edited in versions prior to darktable 3.0.
Since darktable 3.0, it is possible to change the order in which modules are applied in the pixelpipe by clicking on the module header while holding Ctrl+Shift and dragging it into a new position. If you have changed the order of any modules, this parameter will show the value “custom”.

Note: changing the order of modules in the pixelpipe is not a cosmetic change to the presentation of the GUI – it has real consequences to how the image will be processed. Please do not change the order of the modules unless you have a specific technical reason and understand why this is required from an image processing perspective.

It is possible to reset the module order back to the v3.0 default order by clicking on the reset parameters icon on the module order header. You can also use the presets menu to change the order to either v3.0 (default) or legacy.

For full details of the default module orders, please refer to the default module order section.